"I am very dedicated to my witness with the life books. I paint a notecard to put inside with a handwritten note with Psalm 139:14. I also write “Jesus loves you and He told me to tell you” and an invite to church or to contact me for prayer."

Student, Iowa
"We started with 400 and those were gone in less than a week. I ordered 300 more and those were gone shortly. One of our senior youth and his sister asked for enough to give to the whole student body. That is why I am ordering 1000 more. Thank you for this resource to our youth."

Youth Leader, Mississippi
"Life Books have allowed me to share the grace of God with other youth."

Student, Mississippi
"Thank you so much for the Spanish Life Book. I had questions like many that were in the book. This helped me understand God's Love and Plan for me. Thank you that I could understand and read better with this book."

Student, North Carolina
"I want to share the word of GOD with all my friends and classmates. I do that with the life book."

Student, Virginia
"Changed my life... the life book changed my life. I now give it out to everyone I know."

Student, New York
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"To start, my small youth group had ordered only 100 life books. I divvied them up for each one of my youth. After only 2 weeks, I had my youth students requesting more! As a group we studied the life books, before passing them out. My group loved and connected with the student comments. It helped them to pinpoint bits of information that they've heard a 100 times, but it never really sank in. I came back to order more! What a blessing! Thank you!"

Youth Leader, Indiana
"The life book has helped me to better know Jesus and to go out and be a disciple for Jesus!"

"God really placed it on my heart to reach out to as many people as I could by giving out the Life Book. I have given out 55 so far, and I'm still giving. Kids have come up to me saying how cool the book is, and how it has made some sort of impact in their lives. I thank God for the opportunity to make a difference in at least one life."

Student, North Carolina
"I gave a life book to Oliver. Later he told me that he had been reading it, and was invited to one of his friends’ church. At a service he trusted Christ as his Savior and was baptized. It all started with him reading the life book."

Student, Ohio
"I was given 30 life books to hand out at my high school, to my friends and it was an incredible experience for me. At first I was shy and scared but the Lord helped me and I was able to hand out all of the books and 12 gave their hearts over to God. I prayed with them and I felt good about it. My Pastor was so proud and happy for me. Thank God and you for making the books in Spanish."

Student, New York
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