Carl Blunt


Carl is the author of The Life Book and has been the executive leader of national and international para-church ministries as well as local church ministries for more than 30 years.

His writing has been read in over 80 countries and he has had the privilege of speaking to thousands of adults and students throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has also been featured on radio and television throughout the U.S. and the world. He completed his graduate work through Harvard, Gordon-Conwell, and Ashland.

Adam Malanga

Vice President

As an expert in the field of business and personal development, Adam has served in executive leadership roles with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies for the last 30 years. His training programs have been implemented by marketing companies throughout the world.

Adam's primary role as an Executive Leadership Team member with The Life Book is to engage organizations, churches, and individuals with the opportunity to mobilize Students to Give the Gift of the Gospel.

Ricky Voltz


Equipped with experience ranging from all aspects of telecommunications, audio and video production and cutting-edge web-integrated knowledge and solutions, Ricky demonstrates an uncanny ability to effectively manage multiple operational elements at the same time.

As an executive advisor to The Life Book ministry, Ricky helps ensure all operations and technological components function efficiently while making full use of progressive technologies.

David Vollstedt

Church Support

Having served in teen ministry for 19 years, David joined The Life Book in 2010 after using The Life Book with his youth group. "We prayed for God to give us a way to take the Gospel to the teens in our community," he says, "and The Life Book was God’s answer to our prayers."

As an executive advisor to The Life Book ministry, David helps the Church Support Team as they work closely with youth pastors to make The Life Book as effective as possible.

Church Support Team

Jeff Hume

Renee Huber

Rusty Parsons

Tim Pitzer

Wes Whatley